About Back-IT-Easy™

CECG Inc. is Computer Emergency & Consulting Group Inc.

CECG Inc. was created in 1978 to assist small and medium-sized businesses to become more efficient through the use of mico-computers today known as PC's. The company has evolved through the computer revolution and now provides many services to the business community. By combining our in-depth knowledge of disaster planning and recovery and that of the different backup technologies we have decided to offer Back-IT-Easy. It is already protecting thousands of computers worldwide by providing powerful data protection for many computing platforms including Windows, Macs, and Linux etc.

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Your Data is Securely Stored Offsite

At CECG, we're aware that our success is tied to that of our customers. Factors such as revenue, market share and profits are certainly important to us; but we view these conventional measures of business success as secondary effects of our most critical success factor — customer satisfaction.

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CECG Inc. 206 Hawkin Rd. New Egypt, NJ 08533 USA

CECG Corporate web site: www.cecg.com

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(609)-758-1111 ext 1

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