Back-IT-Easy™ Pricing Plans

Nothing beats the peace of mind that the Back-IT-Easy solution can bring to your important business or personal data. If you want online backup, you're search is over. To get started right away with your online backup account, choose your ideal plan, either monthly or annual billing options are available. You can upgrade plans at any time. Just contact our office

Maximum Storage on our servers A Click Backup Paid Monthly A Click Backup Paid Yearly Online Backup Manager Paid MonthlyOnline Backup Manager Paid Yearly
500 MB $5.00 $55.00 $10.00 $110.00
1GB $8.00 $88.00 $13.00 $143.00
5 GB $10.00 $110.00 $15.00 $165.00
10 GB $15.00 $165.00 $22.00 $242.00
20 GB $25.00 $275.00 $33.00 $363.00
30 GB $35.00 $385.00 $45.00 $495.00
40 GB $45.00 $495.00 $55.00 $605.00
50 GB $55.00 $605.00 $65.00 $715.00
100 GB $125.00 $1375.00 $140.00 $1540.00

Note: the amounts above are for compressed data storage

 Save more by paying annually 
You get one month Free when you pay for the year in advance.

We do not require you to pay extra for add-on features like Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange or Oracle. However they do require the Online Backup Manager software. You can either use them or ignore them. Either way you'll have all the necessary resources available to backup the data you depend on most!



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